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Bronze sculptures are perfect for classics lovers. This noble metal, like good cognac, does not give in to time, and over the years it only gets better. Due to its durability and durability, bronze sculpture can become a heirloom that will be passed down from generation to generation. Bronze sculptures will take their rightful place in a park, house or office. They will give the atmosphere nobility, become a pleasant accessory that pleases the eye with its sophistication.

from Bronze

from non-ferrous or ferrous metal

Metal sculptures are a whole world of amazing compositions and bold solutions. For the street of the metropolis, office or cozy garden, stainless steel sculpture is ideal. Due to the game of light, a mesmerizing shape, they will become a highlight of the interior and give the surrounding space sophistication and, sometimes, the feeling of "cosmic"

Sculpture made of black metal, on the contrary, can awaken a certain sense of "lamp." Sculptures in the style of "steampunk" and "loft" will remind you of the 20s of the last century and make the world around you a little more interesting.

from Concrete/polymer concrete

 Concrete is reliable. Hard. Strongly. The ideal solution for park or garden sculpture. Sculptures made of concrete are in many ways similar to their plaster counterparts, but they are much stronger and are not afraid of phenomena such as hail or a random stone. Good material for outdoor sculpture in terms of price / quality ratio.

made of artificial stone


 The main activity of our team is the creation of sculptures. Experienced craftsmen will be happy to make for you a classical or  modern sculpture from:

- Bronzes.                                                     - Artificial marble.

- Plaster.                                                       - From synthetic resins.

- Concrete/polymer concrete.                       - Non-ferrous or black metal.

- Tree.                                                          - Ice.

- Cold casting bronzes.                                  - Secondary raw material.

Fibreglass.                                                  - Stones.

- Marble.                                                       - Etc.

A modern material that combines the strength of metal and the texture of stone. Perfect for creating both classical and modern sculptures. Relatively light, vandal-resistant, heat and cold resistant, artificial stone sculptures are a good alternative to classical materials. They allow you to create art objects that were previously impossible. For example, transparent statues and much more.

This is the main, but far from complete list of materials with which we work. If you want to order a sculpture or get more detailed advice, we will be happy to help you.

Delivery to all regions of Russia and the World is possible. Fast, budget, reliable.

Just call or write us. 

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