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Бюсты по фотографии

 In our workshop you can order the production of a bust from a photograph. Experienced craftsmen work with any materials: bronze, gypsum, natural or artificial stone. The production time for a plaster or stone bust is on average from 1 month, for a bronze one from 2 months. At the first stage of production, the master makes a model of the future product in soft material (sculptural plasticine or clay). At this stage, you can come to our workshop, look at the future product and, if you wish, make adjustments... After the model is approved by the customer, the matrix (mold) is removed from it and stone casting follows, plaster or bronze. Then comes the finishing and the monument is ready...

 A bust from a photograph will be a wonderful and unexpected gift, it will serve as a wonderful interior decoration. Our craftsmen can make not only classical, but also stylized busts according to your desire...


The cost of manufacturing busts may vary depending on the size, complexity, depth of study and a number of other factors. However, based on experience, it is possible to voice an approximate order of prices.

bust tall up to 40 cm.

From bronze or artificial stone - from 150 thousand rub.       From gypsum - from 100 thousand rub.

bust tall from 40 cm to 60 cm.

From bronze or artificial stone - from 170 thousand rub.       From gypsum - from 125 thousand rub.

Bust high above 60 cm

From bronze or artificial stone - from 200 thousand rub.       From gypsum - from 150 thousand rub.


All prices are preliminary and may differ in one direction or another.*

Delivery to all regions of Russia and countries of the World is possible. Fast, budget, reliable. 

Бюст на заказ

Just call or write us. 

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