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Москва дизайн

  Each of us wants to live and work in the realm of comfort and style. If you strive for perfection and want to entrust the interior of your house, apartment or office to a true professional, you have found the right address. Our design wing is a close-knit team of professionals who adhere to the principle that a good project is a combination of an original idea and a clear concept, multiplied by a visual image thought out to the smallest detail, revealing the ideas and desires of the client.

Студия дизайна

 There are quite a few really talented designers in Russia with a good sense of taste, so why us? 

 Firstly, we are not just a design studio, but a real art group with our sculptors, artists and decorators. This will significantly reduce the cost of decorating the premises and ensures that all ideas will be brought to life.

 succession generations. Behind this non-standard phrase for the sphere of design lies a deep meaning. Our team consists of both very young specialists and very experienced designers and planners, this allows, on the one hand, to rely on experience and knowledge, on the other hand: to keep abreast and keep up with the times.

 3D model. Today, no one can be surprised by a 3D model of the future design. However, we can offer something more. Virtual reality technologies allow you to literally see and walk through the future home. Turn on the light, sit on the sofa, look out the window, etc... This approach will allow you to feel the interior and make the necessary adjustments even before the start of work. You will save your time, nerves and money without wasting them on endless alterations. 


Дизайнер Москва

Project design - from 3500 rubles m2.

 1. measuring plan.

 2. sketch of the planning solution.

 3. dismantling and assembly plan.

 4. floor and ceiling plans.

 5. plumbing and electrical plan.

 6. wall sweep.

 7. drawings of non-standard parts.

 8. 3d rendering.

Author's supervision - from 75,000 thousand.

 1. planning. (sometimes insidious) 

 2. systematic site visits.

 3. site work report.

 4. quality control.

 5. making the necessary adjustments.

 6. wall sweep.

 7. coordination of contractors from related areas.

Just call or write us. 

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