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Спецэффекты Москва

 Life does not stand still. It is rapidly flowing forward,  is developing. Every day humanity faces new needs and challenges. The same thing happens in the art world. 

 Our team gathered amazing people, masters of their craft. Someone is a skilled sculptor, someone is a talented engineer or artist. Together we are strong and, as they sometimes say, nothing is impossible for us. If you are faced with a creative and challenging task that others have given up or failed to do, call us.

Scenery for cinema, theater, non-standard and unusual special effects. Kinetic sculptures that whimsically dance in the wind, singing fountains, tuning your favorite car or bike. An unusual portrait or a fantastic sculpture... The challenge is always interesting, trying something new, creativity where you have to push the boundaries. This is what we love. And as a rule, we get it. 

Just call or write us. 

Художники Москва

"Goodbye," said the Fox. - Here is my secret, it is very simple: only the heart is vigilant. You can't see the most important thing with your eyes.
“You can’t see the most important thing with your eyes,” repeated the Little Prince, in order to better remember.
- Your rose is so dear to you because you gave it all your days.
“Because I gave her all my days…” repeated the Little Prince, to better remember.
“People have forgotten this truth,” said the Fox, “but don’t forget: you are forever responsible for everyone you tamed. You are responsible for your rose.
- I am responsible for my rose ... - repeated the Little Prince, in order to better remember.

Арт группа Лис, Дизай, Стиль
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