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Volumetric figures

Изготовление фигур из пластика
Рекламные фигуры Москва

 We are glad to announce that we are engaged in the manufacture of three-dimensional figures from fiberglass, polystyrene, papier-mâché, etc.

 Volumetric figures are a real find in the field of advertising. Original, bright and catchy, they attract attention, cause a lot of positive emotions and 

become a kind of highlight of PROMO or PR promotions.

 In addition to being used in the field of advertising, they can be used in the organization of various

personal celebrations and holidays (such solutions will inevitably decorate any event

anniversary, wedding, conference, etc.), in decorating a variety of venues (the possibilities are endless - everything depends on your imagination)

С foam figures are becoming more and more popular every day. Their main  dignity - relatively low price andspeed manufacturing. Such products will be the perfect solution for a short event. (If you place them in a place inaccessible to touch, andprotectfrom environmental influences, they can serve for decades). Making a foam figure consists of several stages. First, the base is cut out, the sculptor carefully works out all the externaldetails and forms. After that, the product is covered with a layer of putty. Then the product is painted. It is carried out in several stages, which allows you to achieve maximum quality and color depth. At the end, I cover the figure with a protective varnish and pass to the customer



 Fiberglass figures are highly vandal resistant and can withstand significant weather disasters. As a rule, fiberglass figures are placed in places with high traffic, where there is a high risk of damage to the figure. In terms of strength, fiberglass is comparable to metal (it is not for nothing that the hulls of yachts and aircraft are preferred to be made from such materials). Additional stability to the product is given by the metal frame and reinforcing mesh used in the structure of the product 

 In terms of weight, plastic figures are superior to foam products, but still they are relatively light, and as a rule, even one person can carry a medium-sized figure . Another advantage of this material is plasticity. An experienced sculptor is able to create real miracles with this material real miracles. Fiberglass is not subject to corrosion and products from it are obtained almost eternal, and most importantly catchy and beautiful.

Фигуры из пеноплата


Объёмные фигуры Москва

Just call or write us. 

Delivery to all regions of Russia and the world is possible. Fast, budget, reliable. 

Our craftsmen can work with virtually any material: be it paper, cardboard, polyurethane foam, sand, etc. We take into account all the wishes of the client and guarantee high quality workmanship. The product made in our workshop will become a wonderful decoration of the interior, people will line up to it in

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