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wall painting








Volumetric figures

Busts from photographs

Sculptures and art objects on order

We-artistic group engaged in the production sculptures, busts from photographs, three-dimensional figures and other art objects of bronzefiberglassnatural or artificial stonegypsum and other materials, individuals and legal entities. If aYou want to order or buy sculpturepanel,fresco and much more, we are pleased to offer to you own skill.


Trust is one of the basic principles of our work. We offer not only a detailed consultation, but also a photo report from each stage of a particularly important and complex production.

Профессиональные скульптуры арт группа Москва скульптор

All our employees are true professionals in their field, and the combined experience of the masters is more than 200 years. This allows you to guarantee excellent results even in the most complex projects.

Качество Арт Группа

We use only high quality materials. We combine traditional and modern manufacturing techniques, which allows us to achieve the highest quality of our products.

Недорогие скульптуры в Москве Скульпутуры москва купить скульптура скидки

In our team you will not find people who are not employed in production. This allows us to offer affordable prices without loss of quality.

Арт партнёры творческое сотрудничество

We are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial cooperation. And the best way to achieve this goal  is quality work and satisfied customers.

To calculate the cost of the order, send us a photo or sketch of the required sculpture, figure, ART or POS object or any other product, indicating the dimensions, as well as other desired parameters.

We have already been chosen

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