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   For customers and potential customers, we have the following forms of payment. You have the option to pay:

  1. cash. 

  2. by bank transfer.

  3. using a bank card.


  • When ordering more than 150,000 rubles, delivery in Moscow and the Moscow region (up to 20 km from the Moscow Ring Road) is a GIFT!

  • Delivery of products is carried out throughout Russia and the CIS countries.

  • The cost of delivery in Moscow with an order amount from 50,000 to 150,000 rubles is from 1,000 rubles. When ordering up to 50,000 rubles from 2,000 rubles

  • Express delivery in Moscow from 1500 rubles;

  • The cost of delivery in the Moscow region is from 3000 rubles;

  • Shipping cost  depends on the following parameters: weight, volume, distance from Moscow.

  • Pickup possible.

  • Starting from the second order, every next delivery is FREE! 


    All information is preliminary.*



   Our specialists are ready not only to deliver, but also to assemble your order. Professional installation will not only ensure safe operation, but also guarantee maximum service life. Prices depend on the complexity and scope of work, but in any case, they will not go beyond the reasonable.

We do not seek to squeeze our customers and are committed to long-term cooperation. 

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