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About us. Why are we one of the best?

Hello, Friends. We are a group of free artists - and we want to offer you our skills. making sculptures, kinetic sculptures, monuments to order, wall painting, artistic forging, three-dimensional figures, foam figures, scenery and much more. Our prices will be for you enjoyable surprise, and our skill and experience guarantee lovely result within a reasonable time frame.

Currently, our team is represented by many works at various sites in Russia. Among our customers trading house GUM, Moscow Planetarium and many other shops, museums, parks familiar to each of you.

The main principle of our work is quality and durability. It is important for us, that each of our products serve for a long time and do not lose their appearance after two or three seasons. To do this, we use only high-quality, certified materials and carefully observe technology production. All this ensures maximum durability of our products. 

We do not have a director, ten deputies and hundreds of secretaries in our staff, which allows us to reduce administrative costs "Elite", at budget and reasonable prices. 

In our team you can find professional sculptors, painters, blacksmiths, decorators and restorers. We can do almost everything. Original gifts. Sculptures. Forging. Wall painting. Restoration and decoration... And much, much more. We are with a big pleasure Let us help you bring your creative ideas to life!


We open for cooperation for:

- Companies for organizing fairs, exhibitions and presentations.

- Theaters and film studios.

- Restoration companies.

- Construction and contracting organizations.

- Advertising agencies.

- Event agencies.

- Interior decorators.

- Photo studios.

- Designers.

- Architects and sculptors.

- Organizers and leading festive events.

- Antique shops.

- Shops of small architectural forms.

- Jedi and other guardians of the galaxy.


We are tuned in long-term nice and mutually beneficial relationship and ready to offer comfortable terms of collaboration. call or write us! 

Арт Группа Лис. Сотрудничество
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