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Steam locomotives

 Theme locomotive models are interesting and difficult. Fortunately, our craftsmen do not know about the last item   and are ready to make them for you without any problems. If you want to buy an attraction-steam locomotive, then first you should decide on the type of engine. We do both petrol/diesel and electro options.

 After that, you can choose the design of the future product. It can be both classic and completely original project. A fairy tale steam locomotive, a boat locomotive, a steam locomotive, anything ... even a space locomotive with a time machine and a cuckoo ... 

Аттракцион паровозик купить

 Production of one product will take from 3 months and cost from 2 million rubles. (locomotive and a coupler of three cars). Production is located in Moscow. 

Аттракцион паровозик заказать

 Regardless of the purpose of the locomotive model, we will produce it with high quality and reliability.  guests from home to bathhouse or conduct themed tours. 

Аттракцион паровозик

 If you have already decided or are just thinking about buying a train, please contact us, we will answer to all your questions.

 We have a lot of experience and almost a dozen made engines behind us.

Just call or write us. 


 We are ready to offer you exclusive mini-copies of rare, modern, sports and any other cars. Amazing hand-built models will leave no one indifferent. It takes 3 to 6 months to assemble one car. Estimated cost from 1.2 million rubles (a toy comparable in cost to a real car).

Мини копия автомобиля

 Mini cars can be either electric or classic petrol.  

Such a car will be a great option for an exclusive gift for adults and beloved children.

If you have already decided or are just thinking about buying a mini copy, we are ready to answer to all your questions.

Just call or write us. 

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