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Декорирование москва

 Wikipedia says - "Decor (lat. Decoro - decency, decency, compatibility) - a set of elements that make up the exterior of an architectural structure or its interiors." We will say a little differently....

 Decoration is an art, similar to magic. It transforms the space, creates coziness, hides all the minuses and sets the right accents. 

 And decorating is also difficult. "There are millions of artists, only a few decorators." This slag is a funny and slightly loud phrase, true. Each project is unique. These do not happen before, will not happen even after. Decorating is a creative process, there are no strict rules here. Turn a load-bearing beam into a picturesque tree? Paint the ceiling, creating the illusion of the night sky? Decorate a fireplace, create a unique lamp or beat a pipe? Almost everything is possible...

Декор Москва

The main directions for decorating residential and working areas include mono:

- Decorating accessories (aquariums, mirrors, consumer electronics, vases, etc.)

- Decorating floristry elements (creating green areas, flowers and plants)

- Decoration of finishes (wall painting, panels, frescoes, overlay panels)

- Lighting decoration (chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps, recessed lighting)

- Decoration of the facade (stucco elements, rods, bas-relief and high relief, painting)

- Decoration of load-bearing structures (columns, beams, pylons, etc.)

- Decoration of household and engineering communications (ventilation, pipes, etc.)

- Decorating absolutely everything and anything (for example, a yacht, etc.).

 Sometimes decoration is a great opportunity to transform the space without resorting to long, expensive repairs, excellent time and cost savings. In our team, experienced engineers, professional mechanics and furniture makers can come to the aid of the decorator. This allows you to push the boundaries and find a truly elegant solution to even the most difficult situation. We present a full range of services and are able to solve the most unusual problems.


 If you decide to use the services of a decorator, or while you are just thinking about it, we will gladly help, and our professionalism and many years of experience will serve as a guarantee of quality and excellent result...

Москва декор

Just call or write us. 

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