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Foundry in Moscow

 Artistic casting from bronze or other metal of any complexity. Feel free to call us!
Vacuum casting achieves fantastic precision and fine detail, guaranteeing the highest quality of the final product.

 Bronze casting is carried out using molds, often created from organic materials (wax, paraffin). How is the form created? First, a sketch is taken, on the basis of which  master sculpts  product sample. After that, the mold is treated with a special solution. Paraffin or wax melts easily, so they are treated with a refractory mixture so that they can withstand the heat of molten bronze and not lose their shape.

After the article has been cast and the paraffin sheath removed, it needs grinding which takes place with abrasive materials. During grinding, oxides are removed, and the product takes on a more noble appearance. Now it's polishing. This is manual work, during which a special paste is applied to the surface of the product, which creates a solid protective layer in the form of a decorative film.


  Metal casting is a rather complex and multifaceted process, so it is difficult to accurately calculate the cost of work in advance. Here the following parameters are taken into account: weight, complexity, brand of bronze or other metal, etc...


 However, based on the experience of our work, we can voice an approximate order of prices. (including bronze casting)

Casting busts and medium sculptures - 4.800 rub/kg. (bust casting 190-270 ths*)

Vacuum casting of miniature figurines and products - 90 rub/gram

Casting of monumental sculptures - 3800 rub/kg. (casting of a full-length figure 950-2400 ths*)

The price of bronze casting includes only etching and trimming the sprues of the casting system.**


 In this case, additional costs for molding, waxing, assembly and minting must be taken into account. Good chasing makes a work of art very expressive.

Just call or write us. 

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